What we are striving for

Unnbound aims to enable business growth by making supply chain management as flexible as cloud computing

What we are working on

Our mission is to enable fully flexible logistics solutions to large enterprise shippers by aggregating SME warehouse operators through our end-to-end technology platform.

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Our story

Logistics enthusiasts on a mission to provide flexible logistics

Heinrich and Daniel helped to innovate the industry of eCommerce fulfillment logistics in Europe as early employees at a fast-growing logistics startup before. We were fascinated by the value of flexibility that a software-based platform approach would bring to young and dynamic direct-to-consumer brands. We wondered why B2B warehouse logistics for large enterprise businesses, dominated by industry giants, remained so rigid and unresponsive to an increasingly volatile business environment.

Driven by a commitment to bring innovation to this area of the logistics sector as well, we embarked on a mission to harness technology for transformation. To turn this mission into reality, we teamed up with Arthur, an experienced engineering leader who had previously spearheaded software development teams at two of the worlds largest eCommerce retailers.

As a team, we are currently building the first version of our software-based warehousing platform for large enterprise retailers and brands. Dedicated to the vision of enabling business growth by making supply chain management as flexible as cloud computing, we launched Unnbound in summer 2023 and are offering flexible Storage as well as B2B Distribution services to large retailers and manufacturers today already.

Meet the founding team

Co-Founder - Growth
Heinrich is focussing on making customers and warehouse operators happy. After studying international business, he worked in warehouse operations at the world’s largest eCommerce retailer before and recently helped to grow the warehouse network of one of Europe’s leading eCommerce fulfillment startups.
Co-Founder - Product
Daniel is working on product management for our logistics software platform. He is a mechanical engineer by training and holds a masters degree in management as well. Daniel and Heinrich met at of one of Europe’s leading eCommerce fulfillment startups, where Daniel built up the business lines of freight and inventory distribution.
Co-Founder - Engineering
Arthur is taking care of engineering our software platform. He holds a PhD in informatics and mathematics and has over 18 years of experience in software development and leadership. Arthur co-founded a successful startup early in his career and lately led engineering teams at two of the worlds largest eCommerce retailers.